Health In Your Hands, Instant Diagnosis & Cure of Serious Diseases- Volume 2 -  English

Health In Your Hands, Instant Diagnosis & Cure of Serious Diseases- Volume 2 - English

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Health In Your Hands (Volume - 1) s 38th edition, published in 2012, introduces readers to the extraordinary benefits of acupressure. This health science can help prevent as well as diagnose a range of diseases. By applying pressure to certain places the soles of the palms, a person can stimulate various organs in his or her body. This results in good health. In Health In Your Hands (Volume - 1), the author first describes the human anatomy, so that readers can understand how acupressure actually works. Vora illustrates how endocrine glands act as regulators in the body. The book then dives into the root cause of diseases, and how we can eradicate them. Chapters on Biochemic Therapy, Chromotherapy, and Urine Therapy are a part of this health guide. One section of the book has been dedicated towards child care. This is followed by two chapters, one focusing on women s problems, and the other on men s. Furthermore, Health In Your Hands (Volume - 1) advises readers about how to remain youthful, and prevent the effects of ageing. The guide also demonstrates how to solve both common and serious illnesses. The author says that allergies, common cold, migraine, cancer, high blood pressure, Alzheimer s, paralysis, thalassaemia, diabetes, and even HIV AIDS can be prevented and cured. This book encourages readers to partake in self-diagnosis, without having to go through invasive tests and the uncomfortable side effects of drugs. Vora has also provided instructions for practitioners, and says that ten minutes of acupressure everyday can help keep sickness at bay. The last portion of this guide contains useful hints for the readers reference. Health In Your Hands (Volume - 1) explains that this form of health science can be practiced from childhood. This book is followed by Health In Your Hands (Volume 2). This set has been translated to fifteen languages, and has sold 4 million copies.